Community Service


We completed a total of 17 different services within the community.

These 17 services helped us achieve a total of 1,450 hours.



Event: Martin Luther King Winter clothes donation.

Info: Traveled door to door in Galloway Township notifying the members of the community what we were collecting clothes for and  collecting winter clothes for the less fortunate.

Brothers Involved Hours
Ryan Brooks 2
Brian Harrington 2
Robert Gunst 2
Total Hours: 6


Event: Road Clean ups.

Info: Brothers participate in cleaning both sides of West Duerer Street near Stockton College to better the town of Galloway and keep it clean.  Also, 2 times brothers have cleaned the alumni road which is 6th Avenue. We do this for ACUA Road Clean Up


Brothers Involved Hours Road Cleaned
Ryan Brooks 1.5 6th Ave, West Duerer
Robert Gunst 2.5 6th Ave, West Duerer (2)
Rialo Cordoba 2.5 6th Ave, West Duerer (2)
Mike Cruz 1 West Duerer
Greg Cheeseman 1 West Duerer
Dan Fortino 1 West Duerer
Steve Groves 3 6th Ave (2), West Duerer (2)
Angelo Corbett 1.5 6th Ave, West Duerer
Tyler Fitzgerald 1.5 6th Ave, West Duerer
Nick Guarino 3 6th Ave (2), West Duerer (2)
Gerard Dengel 3 6th Ave (2), West Duerer (2)
Ralph Venuto 3 6th Ave (2), West Duerer (2)
Jeff Sohl 3 6th Ave (2), West Duerer (2)
Joe Cangialosi 3 6th Ave (2), West Duerer (2)
Dan Grothues 1.5 6th Ave, West Duerer
Evan Schuler 1 West Duerer
Kenny Kaufmann 1 West Duerer
Jesse Ebert 1 West Duerer
Sal Caldarone 1 West Duerer
Mike Cruz 1 West Duerer
Kitt Murphy 1 West Duerer
Brian Harrington 1 West Duerer
Total Hours: 39 hours


Event: Asbury Church

Info: In this event the brothers participate in tutoring students from grades 4-8 and help students with any leftover homework that needs to be done.


Brothers Involved Hours
Anthony Lepore 4
Sal Caldarone 4
Total Hours: 8


Event: Campus Kitchen.

Info: Here brothers of our fraternity go to Atlantic City High School to participate in prepackaging meals and delivering to those less fortunate around the city. We normally make 3 stops usually 2 motels and the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City. We do this on a weekly basis throughout the semester every Tuesday from 3-6 pm.

Brothers Involved Hours
Mike Cruz 12
Dan Fortino 6
Evan Schuler 12
Kitt Murphy 6
John Lafollette 3
Kenny Kaufman 6
Ryan Brooks 3
Sal Caldarone 9
Rialo Cordoba 6
Total Hours: 63


Event: High Place Church (Gibbeon) Street Clean up.

Info: Members of the church participate in cleaning up roads around the city of Merchantville.

Brothers Involved Hours
Mike Cruz 8


Event: Urban Societies- MLK School Atlantic City.

Info: Robert Gunst helped tutor/ mentor students twice a week for two hours a session. The dates are from (9-23/11-21) on Mondays and Wednesdays The students were in grades 1-3. The brother involved helped them with homework and class work. Mainly math and spelling was taught to the young students.

Brother Involved Hours
Robert Gunst 28


Event: Covenant House

Info: Jesse Ebert went and volunteered at all major events. Events included their annual sleep out and vigil service. He was also involved in tutoring homeless youth towards their GED’s. Also, he participated in a can drive for the Covenant house.


Brother Involved Hours
Jesse Ebert 33


Event: Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League

Info: Jesse Ebert is involved in service learning and attending weekly meetings to help construct underwater robots with Egg Harbor Township youth. He acts as a mentor to the students and teach lessons on marine technology.

Brother Involved Hours
Jesse Ebert 10


Event: Set Up Miss America Pageant

Info: Set up chairs along the Atlantic City boardwalk for the pageant.

Brothers Involved Hours
Robert Gunst 13

Event: Stockton Homecoming 2014

Info: Trained on golf cart safety, registration, supplies for bonfire.

Brother’s Involved Hours
Ryan Brooks 8
Robert Gunst 8
Anthony Lepore 8
Total hours 24


Event: Career Opportunity Development Inc.

Info: Packaged and organized items and placed on shelves. Egg Harbor City. Each session was 3 hours long and the dates were various.

Brothers Involved Hours
Bob Durham 27 (9 sessions)
Jeff Wicks 9 (3 sessions)
Sal Caldarone 9 (3 sessions)
Mike Cruz 9 (3 sessions)
Robert Gunst 9 (3 sessions)
Total Hours 63


Event: Hurricane Sandy Relief

Info: Aided victims of Hurricane Sandy

Brother Involved Hours
Anthony Lepore 45


Event: Seaview, Dolce Restaurant

Info: Worked with the culinary program through Stockton and event planning.


Brothers Involved Hours
Eddie Sunday 15


Event: Tau Delta Phi Annual Powderpuff Games

Info: (see separate documents containing contents/information). Weekly meetings discussing the tournament in detail, organizing jobs, committees we did this once a week for 11 weeks. Committee meetings were held 3 weeks before the event for an hour each. Registration Committee met twice before the event. The actual event was 6 hours. All of the proceeds from this event went to our national philanthropy Active Minds.

Brothers Involved Hours Hours For
Kitt Murphy 19 Meeting, Registration, Event
Greg Cheeseman 17 Meeting,  Event
Dan Fortino 20 Meeting, Ref Committee,  Event
Mike Cruz 20 Meeting, Ref Committee,  Event
Rialo Cordoba 17 Meeting,  Event
John Lafollette 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Ryan Brooks 19 Meeting,  Registration,  Event
Eddie Sunday 17 Meeting,  Event
Anthony Lepore 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Jesse Ebert 19 Meeting,  Registration,  Event
Eric Schocklin 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Brian Harrington 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Jeff Wicks 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Dan Branciforte 17 Meeting,  Event
Evan Schuler 19 Meeting,  Registration,  Event
Sean Peterson 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Sam Tuma 19 Meeting,  Registration,  Event
Sam Morice 17 Meeting,  Event
Bob Durham 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Robert Gunst 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Sal Caldarone 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Kenny Kaufmann 20 Meeting,  Ref Committee,  Event
Total hours: 420


Event: Tau Delta Phi’s Inaugural Golf Charity Outing

Info: See attached documentation. The brother’s of Tau Delta Phi held a golf outing at the Mays Landing Country Club for PADD and Active Minds. Active Minds is our national philanthropy while PADD is an organization who we have a personal connection with and we did this golf outing to help support these organizations and raise awareness. We had weekly meetings for this for an hour each for 13 weeks. The actual event will be 8 hours long. There were several different committees for this event. Sponsor committee was in charge of finding sponsors and getting their donations. They met once a week to see what they have come up with for the week and also dedicated 2 hours out of each week to driving around and searching for potential sponsors for a total of 3 hours a week for 8 weeks. The sign making committee was in charge of receiving all the logos and actually making the sign. They met once a week to make the signs for 5 weeks. Each week the sponsor team found a sponsor they would notify the sign making committee and they would make a sign as the sponsors came in. Advertisement Team consisted of making sure flyers were created, social media was spammed with the event, local newspapers and the Argo had articles written in it and making banners for the actual event. They met 3 times for an hour each and dedicated approximately 20 minutes out of 3 days a week to spreading the word. T-shirt committee was in charge of creating the design on the t-shirt and also working with the sign committee and keeping track of logos. They worked on this for approximately 3 hours. Registration team- kept track of the teams and processed the payments. Also, at the event is in charge of checking everyone in. They spent an hour each week for 4 weeks on how they were going to organize and make this happen. Coordinators oversaw everything and answered all questions from the committees. The 2 coordinators met every week (13) leading up to the tournament to discuss prizes, players, how to make the event better, sponsors, etc. Each coordinator also went to each meeting for the committees so they could stay up to date as well on how the committees were doing.

Brothers Involved Hours Hours For
Kitt Murphy 27 Meeting, Event, Ads
Greg Cheeseman 45 Meeting, Event, Sponsor
Dan Fortino 45 Meeting, Event, Sponsor
Mike Cruz 24 Meeting, Event, T-shirt
Rialo Cordoba 45 Meeting, Event, Sponsor
John Lafollette 24 Meeting, Event, T-Shirt
Ryan Brooks 54 Meeting, Event, Coordinator
Eddie Sunday 25 Meeting, Event, Registration
Anthony Lepore 27 Meeting, Event, Ads
Jesse Ebert 25 Meeting, Event, Registration
Brian Harrington 25 Meeting, Event, Registration
Jeff Wicks 21 Meeting, Event
Evan Schuler 27 Meeting, Event, Ads
Sean Peterson 54 Meeting, Event, Coordinator
Sam Tuma 45 Meeting, Event, Sponsor
Sam Morice 21 Meeting, Event
Bob Durham 45 Meeting, Event, Sponsor
Robert Gunst 26 Meeting, Event, Signs
Sal Caldarone 25 Meeting, Event, Registration
Kenny Kaufmann 26 Meeting, Event, Signs
Total Hours: 656


Event: Active Minds Tabling

Info: Table for Active Minds to raise awareness for club.

Brothers Involved Hours
Eddie Sunday 7
Total hours- 7


Event: Zeta Tau Alpha’s Chickie and Pete’s Dinner for Breast Cancer

Info: Brothers went to Chickie and Pete’s for dinner and a percentage of the bill was donated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Brothers Involved Hours
Ryan Brooks 2
John Lafollette 2
Bob Durham 2
Rialo Cordoba 2
Eddie Sunday 2
Dan Branciforte 2
Total Hours: 12